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Based on what I knew about the parking situation at the church where my precinct votes, I surmised that I would have to arrive no later than 6:20 to guarantee a space, and therefore I contrived to pull in at 6:19. I found a crowd, but not a huge crowd: figure the front door to the church at twelve o’clock, and the end of the line was about quarter past nine. At 6:40 the doors were opened and we got to stand inside for a change; the line was bisected by surname, with the dividing point somewhere between Knipplemier and Koch.

Things moved pretty quickly, though: the lines started moving around 7:01, and I got to shove my ballots into the machine (#70 and #71 — there was a separate ballot for the city-charter changes) at 7:12. Not so bad.

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  1. Kay Dennison »

    4 November 2008 · 5:03 pm

    I vote at the American Legion post a block from my place. I was off today so I wasn’t worried about voting before I went to work. I surmised that it would be really busy early and decided that going at about 10 or 11 would be optimum. I got busy with a project here and lost track of time. When I stopped it was 11 and I tossed on my jacket and headed to the post. They were busy but I only had to wait a couple minutes for a machine. I was in and out in 10 minutes. The poll workers said it was insane at opening and didn’t slow down until 10. They were expecting a rush of lunch hour voters at noon and being busy from 3 until closing. I love it when a plan works.

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