Nor does it rattle

My gaming credentials are nil, but one day I picked up a fairly-spendy Razer Copperhead mouse, which is now the official pointing device of my work box. (One advantage of being in IT: we get to customize our machines in any way that doesn’t actually impair production.) It was a delight, its price notwithstanding, and I decided that next time I caught one on Woot, I would buy another.

Well, I didn’t catch a Copperhead, but I did snag a Diamondback 3G, which apparently is the next model down, and it’s been pressed into service on my desktop at home. These are fabulous meece, and I am not about to mention that Trini has been telling me so for more than a year now.


  1. Tatyana »

    21 December 2008 · 4:19 pm

    You would point and laugh if you see my mouse. You, IT people, are like that.
    [hey, I can stereotype with the best of them!]

  2. CGHill »

    21 December 2008 · 4:51 pm

    Wait until we give your keyboard a Brazilian.

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