Parasites? The Flood in Halo

Mrs. Bluebird tries to connect with her class by bringing in a subject they know, with dismaying results:

Knowing that my kids are pretty much obsessed with video games I told them that endocytosis, where a cell engulfs a large particle and brings it into the cell, is a lot like Pacman.

This leads to a conversation about how exocytosis (where the cell expells a large particle) is a lot like another character from another video game, one which I wasn’t familiar with. I start asking them about this when one of my kids asks, “Don’t you know anything about video games?”

The teacher admits that no, she doesn’t own any of the gaming systems. The students gape open-mouthed: they’d never dreamed it was possible that anyone over the age of 10 didn’t have at least a PS2.

One of my kids, Pig Pen, who is very messy but very, very bright, says, “You know, it’s a good thing you and Mr. Bluebird don’t have any kids, because it would be really mean to have them grow up without a video game system.”

Wait until she tells them that there were times in the distant past, when dinosaurs still walked the earth, when nobody had video game systems.

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  1. sya »

    3 December 2006 · 9:45 pm

    I grew up without video games and I don’t feel deprived. Then again, that probably forced me to figure out other ways to entertain myself…

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