Make it so

It just takes a little psychic energy, or something:

I had a conversation with a distant relative who tried to convince me that I should read a certain book that promises to change lives through the power of positive thought. He asserts that the book has already changed his life. He’s starting small. For example: He wills himself a good parking space, or a clear route uninterrupted by stop lights, and voila!

What happens if two schmucks buying into this crap will themselves the same parking space? What if while traveling perpendicular paths they both will themselves green lights and collide at the same intersection?

I tend to suspect, as I do with most invocations of psychic energy, that you’re a lot more likely to remember the time or two you got it to work than the twenty or thirty you didn’t.

Besides, we have a tendency not to be too careful about what we ask for.

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  1. Kay Dennison »

    17 March 2009 · 12:41 am

    Uh-huh! We do, too.

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