Things I learned today (27)


  1. McGehee »

    30 March 2009 · 2:57 pm

    Re the matches, the ones I remember (and miss terribly) are the Ohio Blue-Tip® matches. Now the only wooden matches I can ever find are those puny red-tip matches that come in way too small a box and half the time I need one of those disposable butane lighters to get them lit.

    Which, hello?

  2. CT »

    30 March 2009 · 3:13 pm

    on that vampire school story: there was an actual(?) vampire dorm at my alma mater during my freshman year. They would dress in shades of black, dump red food coloring into their water fountains, and wait for blood donor drives to lurk outside the bloodmobiles and make slurping sounds. Good times!

  3. unimpressed »

    30 March 2009 · 4:14 pm

    I used to light the white-tipped matches with my fingernail. I’ve seen the blue-tipped matches, though it’s been years.

  4. McGehee »

    30 March 2009 · 6:31 pm

    That Japanese guy must have been a nervous wreck during lightning storms for a long time after that.

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