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When — if ever — is it proper to delete a post?


  1. Jeffro »

    1 April 2009 · 7:13 am

    I deleted a post. I posted some pictures from my cell phone from a job site. The crane operator was not using a crane stout enough for the task – when he was setting the tanks in place, his opposing outriggers were coming off the ground about two to three feet. We were suitable nervous.

    I mentioned this to my boss, who felt that it was showing our company in a negative light with regards to safety – or rather a competitor might make it look that way. Our company had nothing to do with the dubious procedure, but he’s pretty brand conscious.

    I like my job, and wish to keep it. I also understood his position. The post went bye bye, and I don’t mention our company name on my blog. It wouldn’t take much to find out, but I’m not putting it in print. Any brand disparagement that might occur isn’t coming from me, deliberately or inadvertently.

  2. sya »

    1 April 2009 · 9:04 am

    Hm. I would have had the opposite response as that author. If it was just one or two paragraphs, I would have considered it still as fair use.

    I always ask myself, am I comfortable posting this? In real life, would I be able to own up to it face-to-face with another person without stammering out excuses? If not, I don’t post it in the first place. So far, I’ve included addendums to posts, but I have not deleted any.

    Once, a professor e-mailed me, angrily demanding that I take a post down. It was about faked data in a paper. In this case, I left the post up because I thought it would do more good for science on a whole than sparing someone’s feelings and untarnishing someone’s reputation.

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