I was told there would be no meth

Weren’t we supposed to be beyond all this by now? Evidently not:

Seems every time I move my eyeballs across my Google newsreader, there is something about meth.

I got to messing around with Google’s advanced search features and ended up with this query to see how many hits (pardon the pun) I could end up with:

meth AND tulsa site:tulsaworld.com OR site:kjrh.com OR site:newson6.com OR site:fox23.com OR site:ktul.com

And his browser runneth over:

The above query returned about 20,000 hits. Ok, granted there are not that many news articles alone for meth in Tulsa. So I hit the “news” tab for the same query. On the left side of the resulting page I chose articles from the “past month”. That gave me about 50 generic results, most of which contained quite a few news articles.

Then again, Google can’t tell you everything:

I clicked the “shopping” tab to see just where one can purchase meth. I was disappointed.

I’m surprised they don’t sell it via unsolicited email.

Or, um, do they?

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