Strange search-engine queries (170)

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “the going may get rough:
We’re going through referrer logs, retrieving funny stuff.”

how to change head gasket on merc 120 hp in board:  And make it snappy, we’re sinking.

sperm tattoo:  How do you get them to sit still long enough to apply the needle?

\\\\\\\”self righteous bitch\\\\\\\” cheerleader:  Well, that’s one way to draw attention to a search.

jessica simpson long toes pictures:  The girl works her whole life on her rack, and this is the thanks she gets?

where to buy haggis in temple texas:  The two uniquely-Texan food operations are H.E.B. and Dairy Queen, and I don’t think either of them keep the stuff in stock.

“flasher” oklahoma 2009 convenience:  Not all convenience stores are participating, and the supply of flashers is limited.

why pate is bad for your stomach:  It’s a lot better for yours than it is for the bird’s, believe me.

is sun myung moon the owner of a costco warehouse:  They certainly wouldn’t have sold him a Sam’s Club.

first lady wearing $700.00 sneakers:  Didn’t help her jump shot, either.

having fun causes cancer:  The guiding principle of all government health care.

does larry king wear shoulder pads?  Either that or he’s buying bone spurs from the Home Depot.

constipation among operating room nurses: flatulence as evidence:  This is why you never, ever question the anesthesiologist.

what are those things in fields that vent?  Pissed-off farmers.

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  1. Violins and Starships »

    7 May 2009 · 5:38 pm

    Search Engine Queries…

    C.G. Hill of Dustbury gets enough Strange Search-Engine Queries to make them a regular feature. I rarely get any that are even a little bit interesting but this one made me laugh: gordon lightfoot admin fitzgerald. …

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