It’s that new tessellation defense

FreeDarko’s current mock NBA draft suggests Wake Forest combo guard Jeff Teague for the Thunder’s #25 pick. Clearly they understand the Zeitgeist at the Ford:

Like most players on OKC, Teague has no clear position. It’s tempting to say they need someone who can bring clarity to the lineup, but that could introduce an entirely new set of problems, like a glaucoma patient who smokes medicinal pot only to end up suffering from really bad paranoia. Better to stick with someone who isn’t even sure if he’s playing point or shooting guard from possession to possession and confuse the opponent even more. This isn’t versatility — it’s the new Escher.

Right now we’ve got someone trying to figure out a way to turn the opponents’ bucket into a Klein bottle.

(Spotted by Jax Raging Bile Duct. Say it again: “Jax Raging Bile Duct.”)

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