Long-distance runaround

Lenora Mae got one, in spades, from some guy she met on the Net:

Their families don’t exist or they’re contrived with names of friends and extended family members … even characters from a movie, book or play. They have grandiose college degrees, accolades and personal affiliations with well known people that only exist in the Potemkin-esque village that thrives in their lurid imaginations.

What’s worse is the fact that you can’t change these people. They are so warped mentally and emotionally that they are impervious and will never see themselves as being anything but perfect and righteous. Though obviously, these self-appointed attributes serve as a means to cover the rampant insecurities caused by their own inadequacies, almost always created by an abusive parent(s). Then there’s the proceeding self-loathing, which stems from the fact that they lack self respect to the point that they reinforce their own insidiousness by making themselves completely unattractive due to neglect and/or rampant sublimation with food which has created a girth that allows them to be seen from space.

And those, I suspect, were his good points.

On some of the World Tours, I have met with women of the blogosphere, with generally happy results. It’s not that any of them were the least bit, um, interested, so to speak; but I suspect that in some cases they were willing to come out just to verify that I did in fact exist and in some way resembled the online persona. (The mostly-harmless vibe didn’t hurt, either.)

Meanwhile, someone who didn’t come close to living up to his billing has been given the grand bounce:

Anyway, I’m gone. It’s done, it’s over; the little red plastic thing is now protruding outside the tasty, crispy dermis of the juicy Butterball inside the new GE range.

If only she could have given him a nice, solid kick to the giblets.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    21 June 2009 · 6:56 pm

    I don’t know about meeting bloggers in the sense of merely meeting and greeting – so far, I have only met one (female) in my life and she was perfectly sane. But I will say that I’ve heard SO many horror stories (and horrible but deeply amusing stories) about people’s misadventures with online dating to cast only the very most cynical of eyes towards the Match.com or eHarmony ads they run.

    I like to think I’m pretty much as advertised, but I’ve also learned not to trust my own judgment at all times. But then again, I’m not trolling for a potential mate. (And one thing I’ve long believed – and this may be partly why I’m still single – is that deception before or during dating serves no purpose, because EVENTUALLY you are going to have to drop the charade and be who you really are. I’d rather a chap see more-or-less the real me and decide up front, than play some damn game for six months.)

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