Live cheap or whine

A task force of governmental and quasi-governmental types in New Hampshire objects to the 200-year-old state motto:

“The state lacks a brand that connects with a younger audience. The Task Force received several comments regarding the issue of branding the state in a way that would help attract and retain young workers. Through input and discussions, there is strong sentiment that the ‘live free or die’ slogan does not connect with this demographic and that something else is needed.”

More precisely:

“Our State portrays an unfriendly message that every individual has to succeed on their own, rather than count on a support system for assistance (Live Free or Die is not a friendly, supporting message that appeals to young people)”

Let’s fix that for them: “Live Free or Die is not a friendly, supporting message that appeals to governmental officials who’d be out of a job if every individual did in fact succeed on his own.”

But then, they could be just blowing smoke:

The task force claims that there was “strong” sentiment against the motto, but I can’t find it. Out of 13 town hall meetings the motto only showed up in two of them — just 15 percent. It would be fair to say that more people believe the moon landing was a fake than believe that “live free or die” should be replaced. In fact, whenever actual young people were involved, the motto wasn’t an issue.

I suspect that whatever “strong” sentiment existed actually emanated from transplanted Massholes former residents of Massachusetts.

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