Inquiring minds, yadda, yadda

A few weeks back, whoever mans (or womans, I suppose) the Twitter account for the Oklahoma Gazette solicited questions for the 30th Anniversary issue, out yesterday. I toyed with a few, and after rejecting “Has anyone ever caught Carol Smaglinski in the drive-thru at KFC?” and “What would happen if Chicken-Fried News was turned over to the Lost Ogles?” came up with this one:

Does the Shopgirl have a real expense account, or does she have to pay for all those tchotchkes herself?

Said Jenny Coon Peterson, who writes the column correctly styled as “ShopGirl”:

“Ha, expense account. What is that again? We’re an independent weekly, folks, not Vogue.

But no, she’s not shelling out for the stuff either:

“I actually don’t allow myself to buy a single thing when I’m on the ShopGirl prowl, or my column would quickly change to BrokeGirl and then BankruptcyGirl. Instead, I visit each shop, talk to owners and managers, and write about the products so you can buy them.”

Actually, “BrokeGirl” might make a pretty good column. Then again, I follow the tweets of Miss Elle, who writes Broke & Beautiful on the Web.

And no, they didn’t use the word “tchotchkes” in the actual paper, probably because it would have eaten up valuable space to explain it.

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