16 pounds, and what do you get?

Whenever possible, I try to follow up on questions posed on this site. From nine years ago:

[A] non-landed (by which is meant they don’t own their own facilities) naturist group (this should require no explanation) sends word that they have added to their scheduled offerings clothing-optional bowling. What I want to know is: do they still rent shoes?

This month’s AANR Bulletin has a photo of members of Native Woods Naturists Park, taken at a bowling alley. And every last one of them is wearing shoes, though clearly some of them aren’t rented, since they don’t match the others.

And yes, it is possible to notice shoes, even socks, on a person who is wearing nothing else.


  1. Lisa Paul »

    1 December 2009 · 6:26 pm

    Why, oh, why did I click through? Now those images will never be erased from my memory banks.

  2. CGHill »

    1 December 2009 · 6:48 pm

    I thought about scanning the picture of the bowlers, but somehow that seemed wrong somehow.

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