Reefer blandness

Kathy Shaidle reproduces an email from Rick McGinnis which details some of the lesser-known disadvantages of cannabis:

1. It makes people think Pink Floyd were a good, even great, band, instead of a sporadically interesting psychedelic artifact who outright sucked by the time they released The Wall.

2. It’s the reason why music stores can lease-to-buy instruments at terms that would make the mafia blanch, because their time-installment purchasers would rather pay ten dollars a month for a hundred years than come up short when it comes time to pay their pot dealer.

3. Because their parents proudly admit to smoking it, it’s deprived the children of boomers of their last chance to reject their parents as high-handed, hysterical, out-of-touch conformists and made regular law-breaking socially acceptable.

4. It’s made British Columbia and its underground economy far too viable; without it (and Chinese real estate speculation), the province would be just another geographic catch-basin for the country’s cranks, flakes and dimwits — like California without either Hollywood or Silicon Valley.

5. Jam bands.

Ten bucks a month for a hundred years is, um, $12,000. This sounds like the terms you’d get from one of those rent-to-own joints, except they won’t stretch your payments out much beyond a hundred weeks.

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