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29 September 2006

A sign of creeping cynicism

The headline in the Mid-City Advocate read:

Reneau holds illegal immigration hearings

First thought: "Omigod, what's Brenda done now?"

(The Surly Grammarian suggests a hyphen between "illegal" and "immigration.")

Posted at 6:23 PM to Soonerland

Brenda R. making another attempt at grabbling a headline -- written so eloquently, by the way, from the former Oklahoman editorial editor -- Pat. M.

Posted by: Cissy at 7:12 AM on 30 September 2006

That's the one (for me, anyway) unsettling thing about Reneau's tenure at Labor: she's got McGuigan working for her.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:21 AM on 30 September 2006