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13 September 2006

Back from the drink

The not-entirely-ill-fated M/V Cougar Ace will be unloaded later this week in Portland, Oregon, and Mazda, as announced here, will see which of the 4700 or so vehicles on board is fit for sale.

Autoblog parses the Mazda press release:

Mazda has announced that none of the 4,700+ vehicles aboard the ill-fated cargo ship Cougar Ace will be sold as new vehicles. According to a press release issued by the automaker a short time ago, cars that are damaged beyond repair will be scrapped immediately. Cars that are deemed fixable and saleable, however, could be sold through Mazda's dealer network as used vehicles. Mazda stresses that no decision on saleability will be made until after the full load of vehicles is unloaded and inspected.

For its part, Mazda is being completely transparent about this and will publish the complete list of VIN numbers for every vehicle aboard the ship at and their Canadian site, As has been stated before, the cargo consists mostly of Mazda3s and Mazda CX-7s.

I covet the CX-7, but maybe not so much that I'd take a chance on one that's been parking over by Davy Jones' locker.

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The Cougar ace is indeed in Portland and being off loaded. Working day and night it is exspected to take a few weeks to do what is normally done in a day and a half.

Posted by: Tom Hopkins at 8:19 AM on 17 September 2006