The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

24 September 2006

Beyond dumbed down

Elton Gallegly represents California's 24th Congressional District, and if you're a constituent of his, here's how to reach him by email:

  1. Go to Write Your Representative at (or click on the Write Your Representative icon above).

  2. When the Write Your Representative page loads, on the right you will notice a drop-down box and two data boxes. The drop-down box is the one that states "State" next to it. With your mouse, click on the arrow to the right of the words "Choose one." A list of states will appear. Using your mouse, click on California. California should now appear alone in the drop-down box.

  3. Below the drop-down box is the word "ZIP." To the right of ZIP is a text box. Using your mouse, click inside the box and then type your 5-digit postal Z