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23 September 2006

Beyond the Handi-Van

My knees are bad with a small b, by which is meant that they didn't actually give out on me during an unexpected bout of exercise on a Saturday night. I don't think they're going to get so capital-B Bad that I'll give up the walking shoes in favor of wheels, but if it ever comes to that, I want a ride in one of these:

[The] Dignity Star wheelchair-accessible limo [is] believed to be the first of its kind in North America. Based on a 2006 Dodge High Roof Sprinter 2500, the Dignity Star's cargo hold has been converted into a limo with all the opulent trimmings one would expect in any stretch, including 15- and 20-inch LCD TVs, a DVD/CD player, five-speaker sound system with wireless headphones, and full dark window tint. There's also a curved leather couch inside that seats six and enough room for two wheelchairs to come aboard via the rear-mounted lift.

There's always the question of whether any overstuffed limousine should be tagged with a term like "Dignity," but what the heck: wheelchair users are just as entitled to bling as the rest of us.

Posted at 11:05 PM to Entirely Too Cool

That is a serious wheelchair van...

I notice (yeah, 2 cups of coffee already) you're giving us a new bird. Cute. What's his name, Deputy Duck? First time thru it took several seconds to load your page, but once it was cached, all was OK.

Posted by: Winston at 7:02 AM on 24 September 2006

Actually, said duck was the beaked part of a nutritious breakfast the actual trophies handed out; I tossed that up last night as a sort of silent acknowledgment that I'd gotten one of them. (I've taken it down for now, in the expectation that one of the persons present will have a better photo to which I can link; I shot that on top of the stove late last night.)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:28 AM on 24 September 2006

If Darth Vader had lived long enough to collect Social Security, that's the van he would have used.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 3:24 PM on 24 September 2006