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17 September 2006

But not too scentsible

Most of your high-zoot (even medium-zoot) fragrances have wispy yet evocative names: Femme Fatale, Winter Kiss, Midnight Rain. Viktor & Rolf, up there in Amsterdam, decided to keep the evocative and lose the wispy; their scent is called "Flowerbomb," of which Peppermint Patty says:

The Iron Maiden — goes on soft and floraly, but with the engine of a freight train. She’ll befriend you, seduce your husband and then kick your dog when you aren’t looking.

All that for a measly $95 for 50 ml, a buck ninety for one milliliter, which is only slightly more than ink for my HP DeskJet at work, which goes for $1.84/ml and presumably doesn't smell as good.

V&R now have a scent for men, which bears the curious name "Antidote." I admit to being at least slightly curious, especially since the ineffable Rufus Wainwright has penned a tune for it:

Even though you were never mine to start with
Even though one day the golden age will come
But until then, this bottle of perfume will have to do
Because the only antidote is you

And let's face it, nobody's going to write a song about Old Spice. (Carmina Burana doesn't count.)

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Nobody HAS to write a song about Old Spice. The haunting mystery of Carmina Burana will outlast cockroaches. In fact, I'm sure a few bottles of OS will be around (and smell the same) when the sun burns out.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 7:12 PM on 17 September 2006