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25 September 2006

Champaign and sham commentary

The University of Illinois student newspaper, the Daily Illini, is dropping its editorial commentary:

The newspaper editorial is a sacred institution. It is supposed to offer insight on issues, events and problems relevant to the community and serve as a watchdog against institutions of power.

Unfortunately, several of our editorials, including one published Wednesday on Midnight Madness, have been based on faulty facts, providing nothing but misinformation and misrepresentation. This is unacceptable, considering that the purpose of our opinions page is to facilitate meaningful dialogue among the members of the campus community and beyond.

Yesterday's apology is something that we, as the editorial board of The Daily Illini, should have never had to do, but it is a position that we have put ourselves in numerous times throughout the last couple of semesters. For this reason, The Daily Illini Editorial Board has decided to stop publishing editorials until further notice.

Now if only [fill in name of paper] would take this advice and follow suit.

(Via Hit & Run.)

Posted at 11:38 AM to Dyssynergy

If the Daily Disappointment did that, then there wouldn't be a newspaper.

Posted by: Dan at 2:35 PM on 25 September 2006

Yeah but I wouldnt have the headache I normally have after reading it ... but of course the Social Luddites would miss it terribly ... LOL!

Posted by: ron at 5:01 PM on 25 September 2006

"misinformation and misrepresentation"

That reminds me, I haven't made a Maureen Dowd joke in a while.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 7:43 PM on 25 September 2006