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24 September 2006

Descuentos originales

The Warehouse Market at 1 SE 59th has seemingly always been there: it opened in 1938, the Oklahoma City outpost of a Tulsa chain which still exists. This part of town is adjacent to the oil patch, and over the years it's transformed from a mostly-white working-class area to a mostly-Latino working-class area; as a business, the Warehouse Market knew it had to adapt to its new customer base.

And apparently they have. The Oklahoman has an occasional supplement called ¡Viva Oklahoma! which has the same articles in both English and Spanish; the ads are sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish, and the Warehouse Market ad (page 5) is in Spanish, though it notes: "Se Habla Ingles." Just in case, you know.

Aside: The original Tulsa Warehouse Market was at 10th and Elgin; it closed in the 1970s, and twenty years later the Home Depot wanted to tear down the old Art Deco building to make room for one of its big boxes. Preservationists fought for the Market, and got some of what they wanted: the old façade was restored, and Home Depot built behind it. Michael Leland has photos.

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