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30 September 2006

From the very dawn of time

After I extolled the virtues of old-fashioned code ("old-fashioned," in this context, meaning "existing in the 20th century"), it was perhaps inevitable that I should come across something like this:

I smiled and explained to him that the "favorites" are individual to each computer; the "favorites" on the computer at school aren't the same as the "favorites" here at home. He sighed and rolled his eyes. "Guess I'll have to do this the old-fashioned way."

And I, thinking proudly for a moment that perhaps my child was going to ask for an encyclopedia, asked, "what do you mean?"

He said, "I guess I'll have to type the address in this little white bar myself."

Times are evidently tough all over.

Posted at 12:02 AM to PEBKAC

Aaahhhh... the good ol' days. Even moi, who can still write batch code and am comfortable at the command line, am uneasy/uncomfortable/useless without a human interface pointing device.

Posted by: Winston at 7:53 AM on 30 September 2006

I just had one of these this week. Someone kept getting bounce messages for outgoing mail and told me I'd broken her account. She uses Outlook at home but webmail at work, and couldn't figure out why she couldn't just type in a nickname into the address line and hit send.

Posted by: Terry at 1:19 PM on 30 September 2006

It's interesting and instructive to learn what people think their computer is. People used to think it was whatever Windows said it was. Now they think it's Google. And as mentioned in this thread, they think whatever machine they're on will "know" it's them and are taken aback when it does not.

By the way, I believe there are sites where your 'cookies' and personal info can reside, updated as you use them, allowing you to access the net from any machine with the same recognition that your own machine would provide. I'm pretty sure I've heard of such an animal. But if I'm wrong, well, there's a big-time 'Web 2.0' opportunity up for grabs.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 1:57 PM on 30 September 2006
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