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30 September 2006

Keep running that play 'til you get it right

The Oklahoman arrives on my driveway (too close to the curb, but that's another issue) with its special sections wrapped around the outside, protecting the tender, fragile news in the middle. And given this packaging technique, I tend to glance at the wraparounds before I dig seriously into the news.

Today's Real Estate section had a profile of Kanela Huff, whose name appears on rather a lot of yard signs around town: she's the owner of Kanela & Co., a major player in the local real-estate market. (I remember her vaguely as Kanela Voegeli, when she was working for the old Zedlitz company, and, well, how many Kanelas can there be?) I thought this might be worth a browse, so I started out on the front page, duly turned to page 24 for the continuation — and there were the opening paragraphs again.

Sections of this sort tend to go to press a few days before the actual distribution date, so I'm guessing that the Real Estate tab got printed, and only then somebody noticed that the cover story was rather badly botched. So the entire story was picked up again, correctly this time, for the back page of the Business section, with the following Editor's Note:

Production problems caused irreparable errors and repetitions in the text of the cover story in today's Real Estate Magazine, distributed in some editions of The Oklahoman. The correct version is here.

Two items of interest, one of which is mentioned in the article:

  1. The company is relocating Pearl's from its 63rd Street location (which will be swallowed up by the Chesapeake Energy Acquisitions Blob) to a new development north of Belle Isle Station on Classen.

  2. "Kanela" is Greek for "cinnamon."

Still: "irreparable errors"? Naw. They theoretically could have fixed them, though it almost certainly would have cost far more money than it was worth. I just wonder what got scraped off page 6B to make room for the reprint.

(Link to an online version.)

Posted at 10:28 AM to Dyssynergy

Irreperable errors in "The Oklahoman." That's funny. Given that a newspaper is the very definition of epehmera, I'm not surprised they let that one go.

And "canela" is Spanish for "cinnamon." Who knew it came from Greek?

Thanks for that tidbit.

Posted by: Dan at 9:31 PM on 30 September 2006

Relavant fact: The business section, which produces the Real Estate tab, went live this week with all new software.

Please bear with us.

Posted by: Don Mecoy at 2:16 PM on 4 October 2006