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13 September 2006

Mere Batmobiles tremble

Despite its Dr. Evil-esque price of one million euros, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 isn't making any money for its manufacturer, Volkswagen: development of the 1001-hp, sixteen-cylinder supercar was frightfully expensive, and even if there were enough of them to go around, where are you going to find a place to drive one anywhere near its 253-mph top speed?

The finance angle, at least, has been addressed. Automobile Magazine (October) reports that Putnam Leasing is now offering a 60-month lease on the Veyron. Terms: $400,000 up front, $23,595 a month, maximum 2500 miles a year.

It would be, I think, unkind to mention that this comes to $1,815,700, rather a bit more than a million euros at the present exchange rate — or that it doesn't include tag, title or tax.

Still, if you've got to have a machine so fast, so profligate, that it can empty its 100-liter fuel tank (26.4 gallons) in twelve minutes flat, this is your ride, and please call me when you take delivery.

Posted at 7:05 PM to Driver's Seat

One place to drive it would be the I-440 loop around Nashville, affectionately called "the race track" by the locals. I get passed by every day by idiots going at least 253 mph.

Posted by: Winston at 7:48 PM on 13 September 2006

Everyone in metro Atlanta knows that the "285" signs on I-285 refer to the speed limit.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:16 AM on 14 September 2006