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12 September 2006

Props for the Mac daddy

It seems that Heather B. has it bad for Steve J.:

Michael Dell and I just had a terrible break up after his machine purged everything from my hard drive including over a year's worth of writing and fodder. So now Iím cheating on him with Steve Jobs. I've said it before; Steve just does it for me whereas Michael makes me want to pour boiling water over my head to forget the pain of losing dozens of documents.

I wonder if I should send this to confirmed Dellophobe Jeff Jarvis.

Posted at 6:44 PM to PEBKAC

Oh is she in for a big surprise when her iWhatever won't boot one of these days and she still hasn't learned to make a backup...

Posted by: Winston at 8:46 PM on 12 September 2006

Ooooh don't tell me that. I'm trying to be optimistic here. And whatever, iWhatevers are so much prettier.

Posted by: Heather B. at 10:24 PM on 12 September 2006