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14 September 2006

Quote of the week (revisited)

In July I bestowed QOTW honors on Automobile's Sam Smith, for his description of what happens when you hit the Sport button on the Audi RS4:

What was a subdued, guttural thrumming suddenly becomes a glorious crescendo. It sounds like an angry, drunken bear being shot from a cannon.

This description did not sit well with at least one reader of the magazine, who sent an email impugning, well, something:

Did the editors take the day off? Does Smith have compromising pictures of [Editor-in-Chief] Jean [Jennings]? What on earth is this supposed to mean?

"If you have to ask," as Satchmo once said, "you'll never know."

As for Smith, he's still working the intoxicated-mammals turf. On the early-Eighties Bentley Mulsanne Turbo, in the October issue:

[It] was itself little more than a frighteningly-fast Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. (Frightening due to balance, not speed; suspension tuning was left virtually unchanged when the comfortable-at-all-costs Silver Spirit was given a Bentley badge and a blower, leaving the boosted Mulsanne with all the dynamic stability of a giraffe on mescaline.)

Not that I'd ever claim to be above such descriptions.

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