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12 September 2006

Smut as a wedge issue

No, not wedgie issue. Pay attention.

Eric Sapp sees the potential:

When I talk about "wedge issues," I'm talking about issues that divide the Republican religious base from the Republican Party leadership and force Republican voters to face the hypocrisy of the overly-simplistic (but heretofore extremely effective) approach of Republican strategists to electoral mobilization and policy development.

And what issue might do that? Why, pr0n, of course:

One in eight Internet websites is pornographic, and the on-line porn industry generated $12 billion in largely untaxed revenues in 2004, which equals the revenue of ABC, NBC, and CBS combined. If ever there was a family-values issue that affects our children, it is this one. And believe it or not, Dems have a brilliantly-crafted legislative solution: S. 1507/H.R 3479, which require credit card age verification before anyone would be allowed to view any on-line pornographic content. What makes this bill a work of legislative art is that it would pay for the substantial costs of enforcing these regulations by imposing a 25% tax on the internet porn industry.

Anyone figured out why this is a winner for us yet? You've got it, the Republican leadership has been holding up this legislation because they don't like the tax on business! It's hard to imagine a stance more counter to family values and anathema to religious voters than not protecting our children from internet porn because we don't want to tax the on-line porn industry. But that's the position the Rs have taken so far. The White House has also sided with the telecommunication companies and turned a deaf ear to evangelical Christian leaders who have pleaded with them to regulate streaming video on cell phones to prevent our phones from being spammed with streaming pornography. We all know what Jesus said about where one's treasure is, and since the R political machine is run on big-business and lobbyist money, it's no surprise that's where their heart is.

I've regulated streaming video on my cell phone: I've got a phone that won't receive it.

But Sapp has a point: when the big-bucks and the Dr. Dobson segments of the GOP base are in conflict, bet on Mr. Moneybags to win out.

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One in eight Internet websites is pornographic

While my, er, research is far from comprehensive, I have reason to suspect that for every actual porn site with actual content, there are several others that mirror or refer to it.

Apparently I'm the only person who thinks to look at the domain names during such forays.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:20 AM on 12 September 2006

Of course the Dr. Dobson's are monolithic money makers in their own right and probably feel pornography cuts into their message thereby robbing them of the money diverted from their Jezuz routine in favor of shall we say more immaculate copulations :)

Posted by: ron at 3:17 PM on 12 September 2006