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24 September 2006

With mallards toward none

Trophy duckWell, I suppose he is kinda cute, and if nothing else, I learned never to use the top of the range as a backdrop for a photo. (Note: I have replaced the original photo in this piece with Folger's Crystals a better one found at Okiedoke, shot by the intrepid Don Danz.) A dozen of these were handed out last night; I got the twelfth. (For the record, either three or four of my picks won their respective categories.) As for the rumors that I was seen on the actual dance floor, well, I plan to claim that all 15 or 20 people who have photographic evidence of the incident are buying material from AP and Reuters stringers and therefore you can't believe a word of it. (And anyway, Kurt Hochenauer is a better dancer.) I wonder if Dwight and Sarah have yet discovered that they're each entitled to 0.5 duck. And somewhere in the midst of it all, I asserted that this was my Best. Post. Ever. Nobody agreed.

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And probably not best to leave it on the range for long.

Posted by: MikeH at 12:37 PM on 24 September 2006

Oh, I want my 0.5 duck! That rules!

And my heartiest congratulations on your was most deserved. Dustbury is a Blog Hero to the Two-Headed Blog.

Posted by: Sarah at 1:22 PM on 24 September 2006

Well, the stove hadn't been on in about 48 hours, so I figured there was no danger of meltdown.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:26 PM on 24 September 2006

It COULD have happened to a nicer guy. But I'm glad for you anyway.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 3:15 PM on 24 September 2006

Congrats on your award. It is most deserved.

And those groupies......!!

Posted by: Brian at 3:48 PM on 24 September 2006

You know, I would have taken you out for a congratulatory spin on the dance floor, if I didn't live 1300 miles away or so. But still: a toast to you (not a toasted duck, just a toast), and a hearty congratulations.

Posted by: Jennifer at 5:33 PM on 24 September 2006

When you have photo of Duputy Duck that you're comfortable with, throw him back up there occasionally. Maybe he could be your Friday boid.

Posted by: Winston at 5:22 AM on 25 September 2006

Congratulations, Charles! While I'm sorry I couldn't be there, I offer a virtual standing ovation to join the others. I am continually amazed not only by the sheer amount of material you write - but that it is always consistently interesting and entertaining. It's a duckie well deserved.

Posted by: Chase at 11:30 AM on 25 September 2006

I believe the photo credit goes to Don Danz.

Posted by: MikeH at 7:42 PM on 25 September 2006