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13 October 2006

A brand name is born, or something

Last month, you may have read this here:

When Ford bought Land Rover from BMW in 2000, the Germans retained the rights to the unlanded "Rover" name, though Ford was offered first place in line when and if BMW decided to let it go. And BMW didn't let it go, even though the Chinese automaker SAIC subsequently bought up the remnants of Rover's actual product line.

Now Ford has exercised its option and taken over rights to the Rover badge, reportedly for a payment of £6 million.

Which leaves the Chinese with — what, exactly?

The Roewe 750E will be the SAIC version of the Rover 75, to be introduced at the Beijing Auto Show next month. "Roewe" might be a contraction of "Rong Wei," which means "glorious power" and is not, despite some snickering, a Chinese variation on "Wrong Way."

I was kind of hoping for "Lovel." (Don't ask.) And don't expect the Roewe to be sold in the States.

Posted at 10:24 AM to Driver's Seat

Lovel? Aren't you a *little* behind the times?

(Yes, I got the joke. That's obscure, even for you...)

Posted by: timekeeper at 5:00 PM on 13 October 2006

The times being what they are, I am often comforted by being out of sync with them.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:16 PM on 13 October 2006