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1 October 2006

A cute little booger (2)

Is there a market in the Americas for Nissan's little snotwagon? And no, that's not uncalled-for verbal abuse, either:

Giggling is under way in Mexico over whether Nissan will market its tiny three-cylinder "Moco" car in Spanish-speaking countries. The trouble is moco is Spanish for booger.

Mexico has been a market for many smaller cars, from Nissan's Tsuru, which isn't even sold in the United States, to Volkswagen's old-style bug. So, an economical car built like the Moco might make sense.

And so, an email circulating warns the Moco is coming. It advises that the Japanese company could use a translator. "This is no joke," states the e-mail, which includes a photo of a green Moco.

Green? Now that's just cruel.

I warned you about this two years ago, though I admit I didn't anticipate this:

There's also concern about a compact mini wagon which is made by Mazda and called Laputa. Of course, la puta in Spanish means "the whore."

Maybe they can sell them in Russia.

Posted at 3:32 PM to Driver's Seat

The name could affect Russian sales in a positive way, I think, for totally perverted reasons, since mazda itself reminiscent of a dirty word, and a mazda laputa could be transformed into yet another.

Posted by: Tatyana at 6:41 PM on 1 October 2006

I seem to recall Mazda tried marketing a "La Vista" in Latin America, but it didn't stick around long.


Posted by: McGehee at 9:31 PM on 1 October 2006

Rolls Royce was close to introducing the "Silver Mist" 30some years ago when they learned the word "mist" meant "dungheap" in German.

Posted by: triticale at 5:33 PM on 2 October 2006