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20 October 2006

Bush's third term

Not gonna happen, you say? This guy thinks otherwise:

Amendment XXII is quite clear. It applies only to "elected" presidents or to presidents that are serving out a term to which someone else has been "elected". The 2001-2005 presidential term was filled by a court appointed official and therefore exempt from this Amendment.

Sure, there will be objections and legal challenges from the party of whiners. They will probably fight it all the way thru the court systems. However, I think we all know who the Supremes sing back-up for.

According to Berry Gordy, it was Diana Ross. (And if she runs as a Democrat against John McCain, I'll vote for her.)

Seriously, this has about as much chance of standing up as Christopher Reeve, and he's dead. (In case John Edwards is reading.)

Posted at 11:33 AM to Political Science Fiction

(And if she runs as a Democrat against John McCain, I'll vote for her.)

Me too. I'm not going to be a "cut-'n'-run" conservative this year, but if McCain is the GOP nominee in '08, I'll make Jack Murtha look like Mr. Damn-the-Torpedoes-Stay-the-Course.

There are some things, up with which I will not put.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:20 PM on 20 October 2006

Bush doesn't even need that. If the Republican lock on Washington is not broken with the upcoming election, there is nobody, nothing, nada, to stop him from indefinitely delaying the next Presidential election in the interest of national security. He and his regime remain in power and we become subjects under a totalitarian fascist dictator. Think it can't or won't happen? Think a bit harder... We're half way there already... This stuff gets scary in a hurry...

Posted by: Winston at 7:39 AM on 21 October 2006

Winston, if you want to do an ad campaign promoting that view of Bush and the Republicans, I'll chip in a few bucks to pay for the billboard signs. I'll call Karl Rove and see if the RNC can spare a million or two. It can only help.

Spread that as far and wide as you can. Please.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:19 AM on 21 October 2006

Damn, Winston's meds must've run out again.

If I had ever lived through real tyranny, in, say, Soviet Russia, partisans claiming George Bush is a Fascist (or intends to create a Fascist state) would piss me off. As it is, it's just laughable.

Posted by: John Salmon at 4:29 PM on 22 October 2006