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3 October 2006

It's right there in the penal code

The Supreme Court has declined to hear Acosta v. Texas, in which Mr Acosta sought to have overturned a Lone Star ban on the manufacture, sale and advertising of "obscene devices," otherwise known as sex toys. Counsel for Acosta had pointed out that similar laws in other states had already been declared unconstitutional.

A Texas appellate court had previously ruled that actual use of the items was not forbidden, prompting this remark from Matt Rosenberg:

[I]f making, disseminating and marketing them are illegal in Texas, what are you supposed to do? Smuggle one in across state lines in your Jimmy's glove compartment? Or maybe, men — just keep a lot of squid and sardines around.

I think I speak for rather a lot of us guys when I say "Ewwwww."

Incidentally, if you're going to smuggle these contraptions into Texas, you might want to stop at six: possession of more than half a dozen is construed as intent to promote, which is a misdemeanor.

The single largest collection of dildos in Texas, of course, is in Austin, at 11th and Congress.

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Quite apart from the reputed aphrodisiac properties of squid, it's a wunnerful wunnerful food. I get defrosted fresh frozen squid tubes, as they call them, here in Seattle, and whipped up a fine Malaysian squid sambal in the wok for lunch. (Squid rings cross cut from the tubes, julienned red and green peppers, shallot, garlic, hawaiian huli huli sauce - a sweet-ish soy concoction - and a satay-ish hot sauce from a jar; do the veggies first, then add squid and sauces at end, mix well + serve piping hot). Had squid tempura the night before, and previously, Japanese Panko crumb-breaded, pan-deep fried squid with Thai sweet chili sauce. As fer sardines, get some of the good Portugese variety, add hot sauce.

y'ever get out this way Chaz, I'm gonna feed yer face with crab cakes, howzatt?

Posted by: Matt Rosenberg at 10:46 PM on 4 October 2006