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20 October 2006

It's stamp-lickin' good

KFC thinks its founder ought to be on a postage stamp:

Starting today, chicken lovers nationwide can visit to sign an online petition asking the U.S.P.S. to honor Colonel Sanders, an American entrepreneurial icon, with his own stamp.

"The Colonel's entrepreneurial spirit and hospitable nature made him an American legend," said James O'Reilly, interim Chief Marketing Officer for KFC. "We believe that a postage stamp in his honor would be a fitting tribute to his memory."

Colonel Sanders recently was named one of America's two favorite advertising icons for 2006 and inducted into Madison Avenue's Advertising Walk of Fame. He is the first real person ever to receive this designation.

Younger folks may be forgiven if they look at the cartoon portrayal of the Colonel in recent TV spots and sniff, "Real person? Yeah, right." But Harland Sanders was very real, and by all accounts extra crispy: after selling off his company, he complained that the post-Sanders mashed potatoes and gravy were "wallpaper paste" covered with "sludge", prompting the new owners to sue him for maligning the product. Of course, I have always believed that biting the hand that feeds you is one of the four basic food groups.

Posted at 9:05 AM to Almost Yogurt

If Col. Sanders maligned the product (and I have my own opinion about that) I'd say that cartoon Colonel with the Boss Hogg voice was turnabout, and not entirely fair play at that.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:39 AM on 20 October 2006

I started my worklife with the Colonel, on my 16th birthday. Stayed for nearly two years. And he was right; the mashed potatoes were instant flakes run through a psuedo "espresso" machine, mixed with hotwater, and dumped, in all their pasty goodness, right into the little styrofoam cups.

Didn't stop me from eating my share, but still. He *was* right.

I stopped by the Original KFC on one of my last road trips. It was pretty cool. Sad, but pretty cool.

Posted by: Jennifer at 11:56 AM on 20 October 2006

Yeah, I stopped by the original up in Corbin, KY. Been quite a few years and I've slept since then, so don't remember too many details other than the fact of it... And if I do recall correctly, it was a sad disappointment, kind of run down, like the whole town around it...

Posted by: Winston at 7:47 AM on 21 October 2006