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21 October 2006

Rout 101

It doesn't look good for the Republicans, says Chad the Elder:

... I happened to be seated next to a high ranking GOP campaign operative and he told me that the party's internal polling shows that the outlook for the election is even worse than is being presented in the media. In fact, he said as it stands now Republicans are trailing in all 435 House races, the 33 Senate seats up for grabs, and the 36 statehouses at stake. He said that at this point the most the party can realistically hope for is to hold on to the Coeur d'Alene dogcatcher's seat, although even that is up for grabs. He also urged Republican voters to not only stay home on November 7th, but to slit their wrists in a warm bath to avoid the inevitable agony.

This, I surmise, is something of an exaggeration. For one thing, Coeur d'Alene dogcatcher isn't an elective position.

Posted at 3:16 PM to Political Science Fiction

Okay, until I saw that last sentence I was all prepared to tear into this guy for the claim that my congressman, in what is arguably the most deeply red congressional district within smog-sniffing distance of Atlanta, could possibly be trailing the uninformed shlub of a Democrat that is his opponent.

"Something of an exaggeration," indeed. Charles, you have to know that answering such wild hyperbole with your standard understatement can cause whiplash of the cerebral cortex. You need a Surgeon General's warning, you do.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:54 PM on 21 October 2006

It's interesting to try to find out what's actually happening, McGehee. If you go to the Dem sites (like Charlie Cook's), it really does look like the picture offered here. No race is mentioned unless the Dems are either winning it or their position is improving.

The Rep sites aren't much better, but, though it may be my own biases showing, they don't try to paint everything as great. Most say the House is gone but the Senate isn't. I think that's the likely result. Nancy Pelosi is America's New Sweetheart!

The Dems are very cleverly floating the idea that Pelosi wouldn't necessarily be the new Speaker, but that's probably BS to confuse on the fence voters.

Posted by: John Salmon at 4:16 PM on 22 October 2006