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9 October 2006

Strange search-engine queries (36)

Three dozen times I've gone to the well, and the bucket keeps coming back up, filled with stuff like this:

dick no dickless:  For Dick's sake, make up your mind.

socially inept men:  At least I've dropped out of the top 50 for this search.

Beyerstein could probably teach at FSU:  And give up Majikthise? I hope not.

10 inch penis posibility:  It's a stretch, but not unheard-of.

anakin skywalker sewing patterns:  "Luke, I am your seamstress."

homemade porn in bucks pennsylvania:  I know only a handful of people in Bucks, and they have better things to do at home.

vickie mcgehee:  No, I won't believe it for a moment. I won't.

low man on the totem pole mean:  I'm pretty low down. Mean, too.

100 ways to look stupid:  And we have 100 Senators. Coincidence?

mermaid copy protection:  I haven't figured out how they reproduce in the first place.

what happened to ponds vanishing creme:  It disappeared.

why dont women like pantyhose:  Try putting some on someday.

fake fur hydrocarbons:  Well, they gotta make it out of something.

when is my mazda 6 clutch worn:  Never after Labor Day, or on formal occasions.

autofellatio is considered a divine act:  If someone sees it, expect to hear "Oh, my God!"

Posted at 5:58 AM to You Asked For It

I was wondering why I didn't get a hit for the "vickie mcgehee" search, but when I found my post I discovered that the one I posted about spells it "Vicky," not "Vickie."

Posted by: McGehee at 6:59 AM on 9 October 2006

I live in Bucks! :-)

Posted by: Donna at 2:56 PM on 9 October 2006