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16 October 2006

Strange search-engine queries (37)

Nope, we're not out of 'em yet.

sexy bitches of oklahoma looking for men:  Should I be worried?

keyboard not found:  Imagine F1 to continue.

dating hypercritical women:  Don't worry. It doesn't last long.

when i think about you i ... myself:  As well you should.

good old one on one sex:  I'm #1 for this? Sheesh.

do affairs turn into marriage:  Usually a second one, for your soon-to-be-former spouse.

are 2003 mazdas discontinued:  They sell 2007 Mazdas now.

average women frolicking nude:  Where on earth is this the average?

bob stoops hates puppies:  Unless he can find one that can fill in at running back.

how can i set my empathy and my sympathy:  I set mine to zero.

Hedgerow advantage:  Sometimes there are bustles in them. (Don't be alarmed.)

Democrats for Mary Fallin:  Surely there must be one or two.

there is no rule number 7:  There is no rule 6. (Rule 7: No pooftahs.)

hedge clippers on scrotum:  It's the new Black & Decker Home Vasectomy Kit. (Extended warranty not available.)

how to scare a woman:  Give her my phone number.

Posted at 6:21 AM to You Asked For It

Your periodic compilations have prompted me to look closer at my own search queries. Man! They're a hoot. I might start following your example. Thanks.

Posted by: Mike at 10:41 PM on 16 October 2006