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11 October 2006

The F-word

And here it is:

Forecast graphic

I'm just as thrilled as you think I am. Maybe even less.

Posted at 6:15 AM to Weather or Not

Sorry, Chaz, no sympathy from Iowa: we're expecting overnight lows in the mid-20s and a chance of snow today and tonight!

Posted by: Kirk Leggott at 8:15 AM on 11 October 2006

Damned geography. Maybe I can blame this on Mutt-Man, what with the Canadian air mass and all.

(In the summer, I gripe at the Guatemalans. At least I'm consistenly disgruntled.)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:45 PM on 11 October 2006

Everything's relevant, if you'll forgive this pseudo-sagey tone; in a meanwhile on Sakhalin...

Posted by: Tatyana at 9:33 PM on 11 October 2006

It's that damned global cooling Al Gore keeps raving about...

Posted by: John Salmon at 9:55 PM on 11 October 2006

Well, we got no frost to speak of, but it did get down to 38, as threatened.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:56 AM on 13 October 2006

Heh...we're due to hit the teens next far, our lowest this month is about 25.


Posted by: david at 10:38 PM on 13 October 2006