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20 October 2006

Things turn nasty

I missed this in this morning's Oklahoman, probably because I didn't actually read it until I got home from work, about twelve hours after it arrived.


The race for Oklahoma City-based House District 87 has taken a negative turn.

Last week, residents in the district received a flier on their door calling on Rep. Trebor Worthen to return money from U.S. Rep. Ernest Istook's First Freedom Fund. The Fund donated $29,000 to charity earlier this year to account for money donated to the fund from disgraced Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his clients.

The flier, paid for by a group called Citizens for Corrupt-Free Government, called on Worthen to return what it called "dirty Washington, D.C. money."

Worthen's Democratic opponent, Dana Orwig, said she was not responsible for the flier distribution.

I think it's a safe bet that Orwig indeed had nothing to do with this; I got my first flier from the mysterious "Citizens" last year, and apparently they're selective and/or haphazard about their distribution, since I got the flier with the Abramoff story a month ago.

Then there's this:

Orwig also called on Worthen to "stop spreading lies" about her wanting to legalize marijuana in his campaign mailings. The issue was raised in a candidate survey earlier this year by the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma, which asked whether the candidate supports patients' rights to use medical marijuana with a doctor's prescription.

Orwig said yes, but says the question did not address legalization specifically.

Right on schedule. This is just about the point in 2004 when Worthen dropped a reference to an endorsement of opponent John Morgan by into his flood of mailings. I suspected at the time (since I know John Morgan; he's a neighbor) that they weren't so much pro-Morgan as anti-Worthen, but there are still pockets of this district where a little gay-bashing scores political points.

(If you're looking for reasons to vote for Orwig, Kurt Hochenauer lays out the case in her favor.)

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