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26 November 2006

Actually, this is sort of accurate

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 4.8
Mind: 6.2
Body: 3.7
Spirit: 7.1
Friends/Family: 4.1
Love: 0.8
Finance: 7.5
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Though I kind of wonder about that Finance bit. Okay, the creditors aren't banging on the door or anything, but that seems a little high.

Posted at 2:14 PM to General Disinterest , Screaming Memes

This can't be right. Life - 8.3? Mind - 8.6? Body - 8.6? Spirit - 10? Friends/family - 5.4? Love - 5.7? Finance 8.8? Ah, who could really rate my life anyway?

Posted by: Aero at 4:52 PM on 26 November 2006

Okay, how about "This is sort of accurate for me?"

Posted by: CGHill at 5:34 PM on 26 November 2006

You did half a point better than me overall-mostly based on finances. I am somewhat ashamed to both admit that 1) this is what I do for a living (money management), and 2) that it's accurate.

Oh well. Don't a lot of doctors smoke?

Posted by: John Salmon at 7:28 PM on 26 November 2006
This Is My Life, RatedLife: 5.6Mind: 6.2Body: 5.7Spirit: 6.7Friends/Family: 5.3Love: 2.9Finance: 7.8Take the Rate My Life Quiz
Posted by: ms7168 at 5:51 AM on 27 November 2006

Um, you can't actually work tables into the comment box. (Then again, you probably noticed that.)

Posted by: CGHill at 5:57 AM on 27 November 2006

Yeah, unfortunately I did after it was too late. Some comment engines will let you though so I wasn't sure.

Posted by: ms7168 at 12:27 PM on 27 November 2006