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13 November 2006

Ever-increasingly complicated

I'm not sure it should technically be called a door ding: it's a teensy bit of pigment gap on the little plastic strip which is supposed to intercept door dings by sacrificing itself. Still, I didn't earn my reputation for being anal-retentive — which, by the way, has a hyphen — by ignoring little things like this, so I betook myself to the Infiniti store and asked for a tube of touch-up paint.

Not so fast, Bunky. There are two tubes. (For some reason I want to hear Jean-Luc Picard scream that at the top of his lungs: "THERE ARE TWO TUBES!") Number One (no, not you, Riker) contains the actual white stuff; Number Two is a clear coat. At fourteen bucks, this isn't exactly expensive, but I did have a brief period of yearning for the days when you could open the hood of a car, point to any part, and identify it correctly on the first try.

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Technically, the phrase "anal-retentive" has a hyphen only in certain usages. Top that, Chaz! :)

Posted by: Kirk Leggott at 8:10 AM on 14 November 2006