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13 November 2006

Getting a green Peterbilt

Hybrid-vehicle owners have already figured out that they get better mileage in town, when the electrickery is working harder, than they do out on the highway. You might think, therefore, that there's no market for eighteen-wheeler hybrids, and so far there isn't.

On the other hand, local haulers and municipal works with smaller big rigs might find this useful:

Peterbilt, a division of PACCAR, will display a production-representative, hybrid-electric medium-duty truck — outfitted with a fully integrated bucket lift body — at the Hybrid Truck Users Forum (HTUF) National Meeting in San Diego next week.

The hybrid Model 335 is targeted for municipal and utility applications and will be in limited production in 2007.

The neatest thing about the 335 is that the power takeoff is integrated with the rest of the electrics; at full charge, the PTO can run on batteries alone for up to 25 minutes before restarting the diesel engine.

I wouldn't be surprised to see one of these snatching Big Blue up off the curb in the near future.

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