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8 November 2006

Keep these out of your garage

After a few weeks of balloting, The Truth About Cars readers have selected the Ten Worst Automobiles Today, and the entire sorry lot is what Stuff magazine would characterize as "douche-y."

The truly horripilating aspect of this, of course, is that eight of these monstrosities bear domestic nameplates; the ninth is an import brand that's owned outright by a domestic manufacturer. Only the malignant Subaru B9 Tribeca has foreign origins — and even the Sube is built in the States.

You want to know why Detroit is in trouble? They approved 90 percent of these crapmobiles.

Posted at 8:44 PM to Driver's Seat

I was initially repulsed by that name "The Truth About Cars", since obviously TruthWillOut, TruthAbout..., etc. usually are the best shelters for maniacs of all kinds.

But this one looks not bad at all, and funny to boot. Thanks.

Posted by: SnoopyTheGoon at 12:59 PM on 9 November 2006

I'm not going to stand here and let someone besmirch Pravda.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 6:22 PM on 9 November 2006