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24 November 2006

Meanwhile on those WP blogs

I have two other blogs which run WordPress (currently 2.0.4); after an influx of Evil Farging Spammers, I devoted some time this evening to installing Dr Dave's Spam Karma 2. Nothing has actually been sneaking onto the sites without my knowledge, but, well, I'd like to thwart the bastards at an earlier stage if at all possible.

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After I wrestled with the devil over control of my blog a few months ago, I upgraded to the then latest version of WP and then added Spam Karma 2. It does a great job of IDing and isolating spam to keep it out of your comments. It does take some review, some tweaking, some vigilence. But well worth it. I have not upgraded to WP 2.0.4 yet. Tried to but it wanted a pristine, totally empty, never been violated folder to start with. After the upgrade failed, I put it aside to do later. First time I've had a dreamhost quickie install, or whatever they call it, to fail.

Posted by: Winston at 6:21 AM on 25 November 2006

Mine worked, though I did have to reenable my themes and replace some small changes I made.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:25 AM on 25 November 2006

Incidentally, the SK2 counter reports 19 spams already received and digested on one of those sites. It appears I installed it just in the nick of time.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:53 AM on 25 November 2006