The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

9 November 2006

Now this is bipartisan

Right out of the paper, simply because I like the way this sounds:

Both [Senate Democratic Leader Mike] Morgan and Republican leader Glenn Coffee said it's too early to say how things will be done in the wake of Tuesday’s election, which resulted in Republicans and Democrats each having 24 members in the Senate.

Morgan, D-Stillwater, said, "I'm going to continue dialogue so we can find a way to make this work."

He said he and Coffee get along well. That was proven Wednesday when Morgan gave reporters a glimpse of his office where Coffee had pulled a practical joke.

A strip of tape was placed in the middle of Morgan’s desk, with a note designating one side of the desk as "Glenn's" and the other as "Mike's."

"Glenn gets the refrigerator, and I get the couch," Morgan said.

You want to know why I voted for Jari Askins for Lieutenant Governor and Tie-Breaker? Because Todd Hiett wouldn't have thought this was so damn funny.

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