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25 November 2006

Old jokes

Top Ten Advantages of Turning Fifty-Three:

  1. Not dead yet
  2. Age and year of birth ('53) actually match, sort of
  3. Nobody says a word if you go to bed at 10 pm
  4. Mid-life crisis should be over and done with by now
  5. "Distinguished" to "dorky" ratio goes up a couple of percentage points
  6. Still likely to get a few bucks from Social Security before it goes completely broke
  7. Ability to feign maturity improving all the time
  8. Younger women will speak to you, so long as you don't actually try to date them or anything
  9. Can shut off cell phone without worrying about missing something
  10. Almost to the point where being carded might bring discounts

Not all of these will apply next year.

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You stay up till 10 PM? I admire your endurance!

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 10:33 AM on 25 November 2006

Yeah, but I don't have to get up until 5:50 or so.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:39 AM on 25 November 2006

Happy Birthday Charles! :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 11:44 AM on 25 November 2006

Happy Birthday Charles. 53 was/is a very good year! Snap, crackle and pop is no longer just a sound at breakfast.

Posted by: anomdragon at 1:11 PM on 25 November 2006

I'm late, but Happy Birthday anyhow, Charles.

Posted by: Jeffro at 8:06 PM on 25 November 2006

Well, one thing you can be sure of about having birthdays is, it beats the alternative.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:42 AM on 26 November 2006

Hey, happy birthday!

Posted by: sya at 3:32 PM on 26 November 2006

I'm trundling right behind you, big boy, turning fifty in February.

At least you don't have to work with how silly and old you look when you apply mascara.

Happy birthday!

Posted by: Janis Gore at 5:13 PM on 26 November 2006

Didn't know there was an Okie blogger. Wife and I are from Enid. Married 42 years. lived in Maryland for 29 years. Where do you live?

Posted by: Dick Henry at 5:32 PM on 26 November 2006

There are rather a lot of us, actually.

I live in northwest Oklahoma City; been in and around here for about 30 of those 53 years.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:36 PM on 26 November 2006

(And well, I can look silly and old without benefit of mascara. Trust me on this.)

Posted by: CGHill at 5:37 PM on 26 November 2006

Did I TOTALLY MISS your birthday? Good grief. I hope you at least saved me some cake.

Happy Birthday, my friend. Here's to a year full of more goodness than you could think to wish for.

Posted by: Jennifer at 4:47 PM on 29 November 2006