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6 November 2006

Phrases I never want to hear again

No more of these, please:

  • Anything of the form "A B, C [something that rhymes with B]"
  • "But think about the children"
  • "Speak[ing] truth to power"
  • "Anna Nicole Smith," unless followed by "was found dead"
  • Anything of the form "He was A before he was [something opposite to A]"
  • "Rosario Dawson's dong"
  • "It's the [noun], stupid"
  • "Our exclusive poll"
  • "I'm [name] and I approved this message"
  • Anything containing the word "Federline"

I would be so grateful.

Addendum, 8 February 2007: I regret to note that Anna Nicole Smith was ... never mind, it's just plain mean. Kevin Federline, you may want to know, is still alive.

Posted at 1:53 PM to Say What?

I would add "our Oklahoma Values" to that list.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 1:57 PM on 6 November 2006

I could do without the transitive form of "grow" as used by corporate officers and/or politicians.

Posted by: Dwight at 3:20 PM on 6 November 2006

"We're growing our business!"

You can guess what they're using for fertilizer.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:39 PM on 6 November 2006

Bullet #5 is just plain mean (even if she is annoying as hell)... but I like the others!

Posted by: Brad at 4:29 PM on 6 November 2006

Adding to Dwayne's comment, you can add the following phrase: "Faith, family and freedom"

Posted by: Brad at 4:30 PM on 6 November 2006

It's the blog, stupid.

Posted by: John Salmon at 4:52 PM on 6 November 2006