The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

18 November 2006

Saturday spottings (early withdrawal)

Almost all ATMs around these parts are designed for auto, not foot, traffic, though I'm not above walking through a drive-through lane. The one I usually walk through, though, managed to escape my attention today at the supermarket — it's on a pad in the parking lot, and I didn't park particularly close by — which meant that I found myself down to $13 with raffle tickets to buy. 42nd and Treadmill, you see, is having a charity fundraiser, proceeds to go to a needy family, in which the one actual prize to be won is a paid vacation day. Dinner was likely to run $7 or $8 (wound up at $8.12), so padding out the wallet was something I had to do this weekend.

One reason I walk through those lanes is the placement of those ghastly yellow pillars that are supposed to keep you from driving into the machinery: if you clear them sufficiently to avoid shearing off your outside mirrors, you'd better