The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

25 November 2006

Saturday spottings (fast and furry-less)

I suspect that it might have been actually safe to go to Heritage Park Mall in Midwest City on Black Friday; the day after, it was drearier than a pub with no beer. Will this be the last holiday season at HPM? Right now, I'm guessing 50/50. And if/when the place closes, I'm going to have to find another shop to do what's left of my hair. (The turnover is probably ferocious: only twice in the last two years have I drawn the same stylist.)

I rounded the edge of town and headed back toward 240 Penn Park, a strip development that replaced (and then some) an old Wal-Mart near I-240 and Pennsylvania. When I lived on the southside back in the Pleistocene era, I thought that having an exit every half a mile along 240 was the very definition of coolness; now, decades later, it's a whole string of accidents waiting to happen. There were definitely crowds on hand; I can't swear that there were more people along Penn Park then there were at Crossroads Mall, three miles to the east, but stories of gang activity in the area certainly discourage me from setting foot in there.

And the circle 'round the city took me past no fewer than three of those Value Place "extended-stay economy hotels," which aren't what anyone would call upscale, but which, from the look of them, are a couple of orders of magnitude better than the places we used to call "flophouses," a few of which I've flopped at over the years, and the price, starting at $169 a week, isn't exactly harsh.

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