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2 November 2006

Serious resonance

Leo Kottke, guitarist extraordinaire, has also been known to sing, but he's not fond of his voice: it sounds, he said, like "geese farts on a muggy day."

Which brings us to the lovely Gwendolyn, who, after a cold start, emits a flatulent-goose sound of her own. I took this description to the Infiniti store, where they told me that it's the starter getting old and (un)cranky, and so long as the car actually starts, I shouldn't worry about it. "I've heard them go two, three years like that," said the service manager. And, well, cold starts are going to be more common, what with November being here, so I suppose I should get used to the noise. I have about half a dozen Leo Kottke albums; maybe I'll copy them to CD and listen to them during the warmup.

Posted at 6:24 AM to Driver's Seat

So, if the humidity is low, geese farts sound different ... how?

And my wife says her new-to-her '98 Civic has the same "ceramic cough" startup sound her '88 Civic had.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:27 AM on 2 November 2006

Kottke's voice is a worthy challenger to Gordon Lightfoot's: deep, resonant, and clear. I remember the comment you quoted from the liner of Mudlark, though; it's very much in Kottke's style.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 5:48 PM on 2 November 2006