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25 November 2006

Shannon Thomas needs a drummer

That's what it says on her MySpace Music page.

One thing she has in abundance, though, is perspective. I found this on her MySpace blog:

Here's the kind of stuff I'm constantly hearing:
  1. "Why did my favorite band have to get so popular & successful?!?! Waaahhhh!"

  2. "I don't like her 'pop' songs - I really only like her 'dark' tracks." (aka: Ew! Pop - EW!!!)

  3. "I can't believe (whatever artist) is working with (whatever popular producer who is known for their hits)! That must mean they're selling out."

  4. "(Insert any hit song here) is my guilty pleasure."

PEOPLE!! What are you guilty of?? Enjoying yourself?

You should know that it's totally possible to write a song that's meaningful AND catchy. In my opinion, that's what makes a song GREAT!

I should point out here that I didn't see this until after I'd bought Shannon's self-released CD Brainstorms, which contains 11 songs that are at least slightly meaningful and definitely catchy. And she would have won me over just from the chorus of "Don't Be Beautiful":

And since I can't have you, don't be beautiful
And if I can't love you, don't be so right
And if I can't see you, don't be beautiful, no
Please don't haunt me if I can't hide

It probably doesn't help her cause that she lives "a drama-free, abnormally normal life," which is seriously déclassé these days: a surprisingly-large number of people seem to crave All Angst, All The Time. Not I. Shannon Thomas is way young — I probably have dinnerware older than she is — but she's made a fan of me.

(Oh, and on Brainstorms, the sticks — and the other instrumentation, except for Shannon's piano — are wielded by John Conrad of Self-Titled Entertainment in Tulsa. And Conrad plays a pretty good drum, even if it's digital.)

Posted at 1:26 PM to Soonerland , Tongue and Groove

Yup - I said much the same regarding "guilty pleasures" a while back...

" really ticks me off that people have "guilty pleasures." The episode of "Seinfeld" that aired last night is an example: Jerry was embarrassed about watching "Melrose Place," so much so that he tried to lie his way through a polygraph exam (administered by a lady cop that he was dating). People, if it's "guilty" then it shouldn't be a "pleasure." If you enjoy something -- such as watching "Who Wants To Marry My Dad?" or "The O.C." or listening to The Backstreet Boys or John Tesh-- then for crying out loud, at least have the cajones to not feel "guilty" about it.

On the other hand, if it makes you feel "guilty" -- then maybe you shouldn't be watching or listening to it."

Posted by: david at 1:52 PM on 25 November 2006

Is this where I admit to owning one John Tesh album?

Posted by: CGHill at 2:00 PM on 25 November 2006

I too own a John Tesh album/cd. I hope no one I know is reading this. And now it seems I will be buying yet another cd from the MySpace selections and avoiding the local music-o-plenty store. Thanks for turning me on to Brainstorms!

Posted by: Aero at 5:15 PM on 25 November 2006